A Co-Creating Frequency Program

What is the Holotope and how does it work?

The ‘Holotope’ experience was developed by Randal Fontes and Kirby Seid in California. Forty-five years of research and development have gone into the creation of this program. Randal and Kirby worked with engineers from Apple Computer and the Science Center of the Exploratorium in San Francisco to design an intelligent lighting source.

The original intent of Randal and Kirby was to develop a program which accelerated the process of accessing alternate states of consciousness, as well as promoting brainwave entrainment, (hemi-sync) and creating new neuro-pathways.

Light, sound, and sacred geometry are tools that have been around for thousands of years. Chromotherapy uses color and light to stimulate and balance emotional states. Neuroacoustics uses sound waves to promote brainwave entrainment, and create new neuro-pathways. Sacred Geometry likewise has similar effects. The effects are not only mental and psychological, but we know that they can create biochemical changes in our bodies and our environment. For example, we can create light with sound. With light, sound and sacred geometry, we can change the molecular structure of our cells and modify the way we process energy and thoughts. So we know that each of these modalities work to assist us in our journey to become fully empowered and connected to Source. The combination of these modalities is powerful and dynamic. The Tibetans used candles and colored lass, geometric designs, and musical instruments to combine these powerful tools. So, this is not a new concept.

Our co-creative and co-operative agreement begins at birth.  The difference is now you are being asked to be conscious of how you process frequency and to have a conscious intention with your creative energies. Frequency is just energy.  The term is the measurement of a full cycle of oscillating energy.  Frequency is translated into our physical dimension as color, hue, density, and in pitch, volume, tones and overtones.

Why is this program important?

We have known for some time now that the frequency of the planet is changing and that the paradigms are in flux and transition. As our culture has been evolving throughout the industrial age and the age of information (or technology), we have become progressively more separated from the natural rhythms of the earth and the celestial rhythms. With this program, it is our hope to assist all beings in coming fully into present time; mentally, physically and spiritually.

What sets us apart with our current technology is that we have available to us the ability to produce color, sound and sacred geometry, and fractal geometry, in ways that were not available in the past. All these advances in technology are largely due to crystal.

Light_Labyrinth_XThe Light Labyrinth 120 3w LED lights with an internal processor, developed by Apple Computer, can produce pure hues of color as well as a wide range of mixtures and variations. Strobing effects can produce alpha, theta and delta brainwave states. Plus, the processor can transpose sound into color either through the processor or by an external microphone.

The sacred Geometry we are using is the combination of a 120 cell gossett Polytope or E8 polytope with 240 vertices; 6,720 edges; 60,480 triangular faces; 241,920 tetrahedra. The background of fractal geometry was designed by Randall, giving us the elements of both the divine masculine and divine feminine.



Private and Group Sessions Available