Mandy King

Mandy King's life as a shaman formally began in 2010 following several years experience in Mind-Body wellness practices including massage therapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, Psych-K, tarot, astrology, fitness and nutrition and kundalini yoga and meditation. The introduction of her shaman teacher in 2009 and subsequent three year training unified her gifts and she now enjoys a private shamanic healing practice as well as leading various shamanic and kundalini classes and workshops. With nearly 20 years in the Healing Arts field, Mandy has gained a thorough understanding of the depth of human experience and how to navigate the complexities of the human-spirit existence.

Available at Wise Awakening Fridays 10am – 6:30pm (other days/times available by appt. only). To contact Mandy or schedule an appointment, please call 310.923.0770 or email

conscious_evolutionConscious Evolution Shaman
Shamanic healing techniques go straight to the origin of wounds, fears and insecurities that prohibit your evolution, happiness and fulfillment. Soul Retrievals, Sound Therapy, Ancestral and Past Life Healing, Ghost Crossing, Dreamwork, Energetic Restructuring, working with Spirit Guides and more are all part of the shaman’s tool belt. Shamanic work is a powerful and efficient “office organizer” for humans. It clears out the junk so you can BE and SHARE your True Self of love, creativity and brilliance.

Private sessions are offered at a sliding scale of $50-$80 per hour.(20 min FREE Consultation) ~ For more information visit

shaman_MK-1Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing has a variety of applications but this work is particularly empowering for those willing to look inside – those who actively seek personal growth, transformation and self-mastery. It is also of great benefit and comfort for those in the midst of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual “healing crisis”. Through shamanic healing practices, the gentle and sometimes fierce power of love is offered, generating positive change in relationships, health, career and quality of life.

shamantools_MKShamanic Tools & Methods
Soul Retrievals, Ancestral and Past Life Healing, Energetic Realignment, Dreamwork, Divination, Drum, Rattle and Voice Sound Healing, Working with Spirit Guides, Initiations and more. Over time, as the wounds, dysfunctional energies and/or beliefs are released or transformed, we focus more on creative manifesting. That's when the real fun begins! In the fully integrated state, we are whole-hearted, confident, passionate, joyful, courageous and positive minded. We are excited and motivated to develop and share our unique gifts with the world. We shine! Shamanic Work restores the natural harmony and functioning of our mind-body- spirit Self and supports:

  • The alleviation of fears, anxiety and depression
  • Authentic and honest communication
  • Emotional "baggage" release
  • The release of harmful habits while initiating healthier ones
  • Crisis navigation: loss, heartbreak, accidents, difficult choices, etc.
  • Rehabilitation from addiction
  • Physical body healing
  • Manifestation abilities
  • Awakening to inner wisdom and Soul Path
  • Living and Loving fully and deeply

Spirit Play – with Mandy King
Join Mandy the fourth Tuesday of each month ~