Diana Pepper

Diana is a spiritual healer, shamanic practitioner, ordained interfaith minister, and producer of flower essences at Tree Frog Farm. She specializes in helping clients integrate rapid spiritual growth into a fully engaged life. Diana is skilled in reading subtle energies through hearing your voice and sensing your energy fields. Working within a “multi-dimensional conference call” with healing Guides, she perceives below the level of the presenting symptoms to the level where spirit and matter meet. Through the use of various modalities – including flower essences – and Diana’s non-judgmental, caring presence, she has helped people learn to relax, treat themselves with compassion and respect, release both substance and emotional addictions, transform dis-ease into vibrant learning opportunities, engage in life more fully, and grow into their full spiritual/evolutionary potential. Diana is available at Wise Awakening on the second Thursday of every month.

For more information about sessions with Diana, call 360.758.7260 or visit TreeFrogFarm.com.

FE_consultations_DPFlower Essence Consultations
Diana specializes in healing through the vibrational essences of Pacific Northwest Native plants and flowers. Talk with her about what you want the Flower Essences to address. She will listen, choose your essences and prepare your personalized bottle with instructions. Usually takes 1 hour. $79 for time (1 st time $65), $30 for 1 oz bottle plus sales tax.

EnergyTools_DPEnergy Repatterning
While you relax on the massage table, Diana offers chakra clearing, organ energy balancing, and energy field clearing with the use of rattle, crystals, feathers and spirit song coming through her voice. Usually takes 30 minutes $50 for time. May combine with flower essences. See above.

Shaman_DPShamanic Processes
Working with her Spirit Guides, Diana facilities soul (life force) retrievals, power animal retrievals, energy extractions and life contract renegotiations. At your request, she will help you to connect with your personal Spirit Guides. Usually combined with flower essences. Usually takes 1 hour to 1 ½ hours. $79 – $109 for time (1 st time $65 to $95), $30 for 1 oz bottle plus sales tax